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Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses His Two Business Ventures: Amindo Biologics & Nephrology Board Review Question Bank

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses His Two Business Ventures: Amindo Biologics & Nephrology Board Review Question Bank

Munavvar Izhar MD recently discussed the importance of his two business ventures.

Amindo Biologics is a state-of-the-art healthcare company with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It was launched in India with the goal of providing the most innovative in-vitro diagnostic techniques and Health care infrastructure to Medical facilities. Munavvar Izhar MD is one of the founding partners and on the Board of Directors of Amindo Biologics. Munavvar Izhar MD recently discussed what the company is and how it is aiding the healthcare community. Dr. Munavvar Izhar mentioned that the company has advanced the healthcare industry in the country and grown almost 100 percent per year for the last 4-5 years despite setbacks due to Covid lockdowns.


Munavvar Izhar MD explained that Amindo Biologics was started with the mission of providing reliable, accurate, affordable, and rapid products that allow healthcare providers around the globe easy access to the most cutting edge healthcare technologies being used. Munavvar Izhar MD added that Amindo Biologics is committed to offering the highest quality products and services. Located in Delhi, India, the company plans to bring the most innovative healthcare technologies to India, a country with more than 1.36 billion residents.


“In-vitro diagnostic techniques, such as FLOW, PCR, IHC, IFA, and ELISA, are just a few innovative solutions Amindo Biologics is bringing to the Indian healthcare community,” Munavvar Izhar said. “This company is successful in helping scientists, healthcare professionals, and others in the industry gain access to the most helpful information-driven from biological samples.”


Munavvar Izhar MD added that the company is focused on helping healthcare professionals acquire all of the information they need to accurately and reliably make important healthcare decisions. “These include Cytokine, infectious disease markers, autoimmune disease markers, LAL reagents, Flow Cytometry, and more.” Munavvar Izhar said.


Munavvar Izhar MD added that the company is always adapting to suit the latest health issues. In 2020, Amindo Biologics began offering coronavirus test kits alongside their long list of other test kids, including sugar test strips, blood group test kids, HIV test kits, and more. The company aids in diagnosing infectious diseases, diabetes, anemia, allergies, certain cancers, and so much more.


Nephrology Board review questions – A MEGA Question Bank is another of the novel business ventures that Dr. Munavvar Izhar started three years ago. It includes a compilation of 1000s of ABIM type nephrology questions asked in the Nephrology Board Certification, Recertification and MOC review exams. The questions are one of the largest collections including a variety of topics like ARF, ESRD, Acid-Base, Renal Transplant, CKD, and newer topics like Medical Director Issues, ONCO NEPH, Research and Clinical Trials.


Having taken the Nephrology and the Internal Medicine board certification and recertification exams numerous times in the USA and in India Dr. Munavvar Izhar realized that there was a real need for the availability of ABIM type, good quality Nephrology Board review questions for practice to the candidates. There was no platform available to provide the candidates with the same. Hence, Munavvar Izhar created an Innovative software technology platform which allows the candidates to select nephrology topics or keywords and pull those questions in an exam format or for review. It has met with huge success in the last few years to the extent that Munavvar Izhar now plans to advance the same technology and software platforms to the fields of Internal Medicine and Family Practice. This will help about 1.2 million physicians practicing in the United States to fulfill their board-certification obligations and to continue to practice in the country.


Dr. Munavvar Izhar finished by stating that anyone who would like to learn from his business successes can visit the websites for:


Medical Education LLC and Amindo Biologics:

Nephrology Board Review Questions:

In Vitro Diagnostics:


Munavvar Izhar MD Explains The Importance of Educating Your Patients

Munavvar Izhar MD Explains The Importance of Educating Your Patients

When it comes to taking care of patients, there is no one quite like Munavvar Izhar MD. He has been working in the medical field for more than 30 years now and has made lasting connections with his patients. While some may say that Munavvar Izhar MD radiates kindness whenever it comes to patient care, there is another approach to his methods that many doctors overlook. The biggest impact that Munavvar Izhar MD has on his patients is the way he “connects” with his patients. After making the patient comfortable and gaining his/her confidence he makes sure to educate them on what is going on at all times.

Many doctors may approach their patients without developing a bond or connection and informing them briefly and vaguely about their medical conditions. How could the patient understand what is even going on if the information provided to them is vague? They come to the doctor looking for explanatory right answers! This can create confusion and a lack of transparency whenever it comes to patient care. Munavvar Izhar MD doesn’t believe that this is the right thing to do and has always taken the time to educate his patients along the way. He always attentively listens to his patients with full attention and eye contact and without any distractions of documenting in the EMR.  This can help create a better relationship with the patient and provide a couple of important elements of feedback that can better improve the outcome. According to Dr. Munavvar Izhar, such techniques not only generate a strong Doctor-Patient relationship but also makes the patient amenable to appropriate and timely medical suggestions.

For one, Munavvar Izhar MD states that patient education can improve data upkeep. For example, a patient who is suffering from a condition and doesn’t know what to look for may report the wrong information to the doctor whenever they need help. Another technique that Dr. Munavvar Izhar emphasizes is reviewing all the patients’ medications with them. This not only facilitates better patient compliance with medications but eliminates errors of drug interactions, over or underdosing, and review of the drug’s side effect profile. Munavvar Izhar MD says that educating your patients can even save their lives by providing them with the right information to look out for in moments of critical need.

The steps that it takes in order to make sure that your patients are taken care of can be challenging but Munavvar Izhar MD believes in taking the long road in order to achieve patient wellness. Patients put their trust in you to help them overcome their medical conditions and not providing them with the right information could cost them in the future. Oftentimes, patients who seek help will be in and out of hospitals as they seek help to cure their conditions. It is an ongoing battle that Munavvar Izhar MD lives for and encourages other doctors to follow suit when it comes to proper patient education.

Dr. Munavvar Izhar strongly believes that the efforts that you put in today could save a patient’s life tomorrow.


Munavvar Izhar MD creates High-Quality ABIM Type Questions and Board Preparation materials to Prepare Nephrologists, Internists, and Family Practitioners.

Munavvar Izhar MD creates High-Quality ABIM Type Questions and Board Preparation materials to Prepare Nephrologists, Internists, and Family Practitioners.

Munavvar Izhar MD as CEO of Medical Examination LLC pours his knowledge into Residents, Fellows, Internists, and Nephrologists to prepare them for upcoming ABIM Certification Exams.


Munavvar Izhar MD, CEO of Medical Examination LLC, who has about 30 years of nephrology experience, plays a vital role in creating the ABIM Chicago-based Exam World question sets. He supports this cause to help interns and physicians pass their American Board of Internal Medicine Certification, Recertification, and MOC exams.


Almost a thousand ABIM type nephrology questions help prepare Fellows and Nephrologists for certification or recertification examinations. These fully customizable practice sets are created based on the Blueprint of ABIM Examinations. The questions mimic the difficulty level as asked in ABIM Board Exams. The Questions are categorized under Various categories like ARF, CKD, ESRD, GN, Acid-Base, Fluid and Electrolytes, Transplant, etc. To make it more comprehensive Dr. Munavvar Izhar has also included Renal Physiology, Pharmacology & Anatomy. Munavvar Izhar has been innovative and thought it prudent to include a section of Renal Histopathology as well with questions based on and depicting classical teaching slides of renal histopathology that is frequently asked in ABIM Board Exams.


ABIM Board Exams are constantly evolving and changing with time. Realizing this Munavvar Izhar MD has also included new sections of Nephrology questions in areas of ICU & Critical Care Nephrology, Onconephrology, Genetics, Interventional and Acess Nephrology, Medical Director Responsibilities, and Issues. This makes Munavvar Izhar’s 1000 Nephrology Question Bank one of the most comprehensive question banks available. Dr. Munavvar Izhar and his team frequently review and update these questions and incorporate recent advances too. This nephrology board review question bank of this caliber at is the largest question bank available at the current time.


“Preparing for a licensing exam involving certifications and recertifications is one of the most significant and stressful times in a physician’s life.” That’s what it says on the ABIM Exam World website supported by CEO and physician Munavvar Izhar where the online practice sessions reside. Often nephrologists who pursue ABIM nephrology board certifications spend a week away from home in board reviews. This time away from their practices often cost them thousands of dollars that includes travel, stay in the hotel for a week, food, and registration for the course. Dr. Munavvar Izhar’s Nephrology preparatory materials have reduced testing expenses for practicing nephrologists to only a few hundred dollars and they can study in the comfort of their homes! The comprehensive topics and the explanations cover the entire spectrum of nephrology for ABIM Board Exam purposes.


The ABIM website states doctors and nephrologists limited by 2020-2021 Covid-19 quarantines may have the option to complete their certifications by the scheduled 2022 deadlines. The online board exam training that Dr. Izhar helps facilitate provides one more way for all individuals requiring a licensing exam during this period to complete their certification on time.


Munavvar Izhar MD and his team of nephrologists from academia and private practices does extensive research in drafting the questions. In addition, Dr. Munavvar Izhar, MD has published numerous research papers and articles in nephrology journals some of which are picked up by the press as well. He has also authored book chapters in textbooks of Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Dr. Munavvar Izhar has also published articles on recent advances in DIalysis and Wearable Kidney Devices to educate the vast majority of people dependent on dialysis.


Logged-in users of the Exam World portal can create practice tests based on a variety of question modes like in Tutor Mode or Exam mode. Munavvar Izhar who has taken numerous certification and recertification exams in both Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Hypertension himself says that his platform gives the subscribers a real exam day feel.


Munavvar Izhar Discusses Advances and Treatment Options for Renal Failure and Dialysis Patients

Munavvar Izhar Discusses Advances and Treatment Options for Renal Failure and Dialysis Patients

Dr. Munavvar Izhar discusses that the total Medicare spending on both chronic kidney disease (CKD) and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients is about 150 – 200 billion dollars a year in the USA. The yearly cost of hemodialysis for one patient is about $50,000-80,000/ year. The average survival of an ESRD patient on dialysis is about 5-8 years. According to Munavvar Izhar, Dialysis treatment entails inconvenience to patients in terms of time away from work, home and family. It also involves significant costs, visits to doctors and specialists, hospitalizations, etc. all leading to poor quality of life. Renal Transplant obviates that. However, the limited availability of organs precludes that from happening optimally.


Munavvar Izhar says that the Dialysis treatment which does not involve being tied at the dialysis center or at home for dialysis is a dream come true for any ESRD patient. A synthetic kidney, mimicking an original kidney implanted inside the patient is the optimal solution for a renal failure patient. This provides flexibility, mobility, and a better quality of life for the patient and is much cheaper too! according to Dr. Munavvar Izhar.


Dr. Munavvar Izhar has reviewed the recent advances in the dialysis treatment of renal failure patients. Munawar Izhar says that the treatment of Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK) is a portable dialysis device designed to enable patients to experience the benefits of daily dialysis while performing their normal, day-to-day routines. The device is connected to the patient via one catheter that is surgically inserted in a 20-minute procedure under a local anesthetic. The WAK assembly is still a sizable bag to carry along on the body all day long. Hence, the need for a small Bio-artificial Kidney. Researchers at UCSF, Cleveland Clinic, CWRU, Univ. of Michigan, and Univ of Pennsylvania have spearheaded a bioartificial kidney project.


Munawar Izhar informs that a series of clinical trials are being conducted for the combined “Hemo-filter” and “Bio-reactor device”, i.e. the “Bio-artificial kidney”. After these trials are completed successfully, the Bio-artificial kidney will be available to the public. We expect it to arrive at the final stage of clinical trials by late 2021.


Dr. Munavvar Izhar says that the Bio-artificial kidney combines a membrane hemofilter and a bioreactor of human renal tubular epithelial cells to mimic many of the metabolic, endocrine, and immunological functions of a healthy kidney.

Nanotechnology has miniaturized the dialyzer part. Munavvar Izhar also emphasizes that both the Hemofilter and Bioreactor combined together are the size of a small coffee cup roughly the size of a normal human kidney which is surgically implanted inside the patient similar to the procedure of renal transplant.


Munavvar Izhar mentions that after a single surgery to establish a permanent blood connection, the bioartificial kidney processes blood continuously for 24 hours a day, which mitigates the inconveniences and morbidities associated with intermittent hemodialysis. There will be no need for fluid and salt restriction, no needle sticks, no time on chair or dialysis center, no cramps, thirst, inter-dialytic weight gain, or fatigue as often happens on hemodialysis. The 24-hour continuous hemodialysis with the Bio-Artificial kidney brings the metabolic milieu to normal drastically reducing the pill burden. According to Dr. Munavvar Izhar, all these advantages will improve the quality of life and dramatically reduce the rates of depression in patients with ESRD. As the rate of in-center dialysis treatment will be remarkably decreased it will save billions of dollars for Medicare and the government in health care expenditure.

Discusses the Benefits of Mindful Eating

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses the Benefits of Mindful Eating

Dr. Munavvar Izhar is a Nephrologist, Hypertension and Transplant specialist. Currently Munavvar Izhar is the CEO of Medical Education LLC, an American based firm, that floats board review question banks to help physicians with American Board of internal medicine (ABIM) board certification examinations. Having been trained as an Internist and Nephrologist both in India and here in the United States, Munavvar Izhar has gone through numerous board certification and recertification examinations both at the University of Mumbai in India and in the United States. 


Dr. Munavvar Izhar has attended numerous in person board review courses here in the  United States for preparation of his certification and recertification examinations. After attending a one-week board review course and spending about $5000 he realized that he was coming back home with a big folder of pictures of slides and having to figure out a way to pass the exams. Munavvar Izhar realizes that medical education these days has become totally commercialized with huge examination fees, board review course fees and MOC fees. He envisioned that if he was given hundreds of questions with detailed answers on topics that are frequently asked in exams, it would be much easier to pass and score well in the board exams. 


Munavvar Izhar, M.D. drafted hundreds of questions on different topics in Nephrology, Dialysis and Renal transplantation which covered the entire spectrum of Nephrology. Munavvar Izhar made these Question Banks available for a few hundred dollars. This met with huge success. Because of the excellent response Dr. Munavvar Izhar MD is soon planning on starting question banks in the area of internal medicine and family practice so as to help physicians gain certification and recertifications at a fraction of the cost that they otherwise would spend attending in person board reviews. 


Munavvar Izhar with all his education experiences has a three-stage process for physicians to pass their Board Exams with ease, without tension and in the most economical way:-


  1. Dr. Munavvar Izhar emphasizes: Studying the ABIM Guidelines/ Scope of your study/ ABIM exams: There is a Syllabus or ABIM Exam Blueprint on ABIM website based on which the board exams are drafted. Please study and understand that. Munavvar Izhar, MD says that List out the topics and the weightage they get on the Board Exams. This way one is better prepared for topics that are more frequently asked in board exams. It will not only better prepare you but also more comprehensively prepare you for your board exams. Knowing the number of topics to be prepared will help you start your preparation with adequate time on hand, says Munavvar Izhar. 


  1. Dr. Munavvar Izhar says to choose Sources/ ABIM Study Material wisely: A good and authentic source of medical knowledge is UpToDate ( The topics from the ABIM Exam Blueprint that are commonly asked should be reviewed from UpToDate. Count the number of topics and if you take 2 days to cover one topic, one knows the time required to prepare! Munavvar Izhar, MD says the second important thing to do is to practice as many nephrology questions as you can. (A collection of almost 1000 ABIM Board type questions – Https:// Reading the explanations in those answers will tremendously help you. Doing many questions will give you practice and practice makes a man perfect. The detailed answers will increase or reinforce your knowledge according to Munavvar Izhar.


  1. Dr. Munavvar Izhar emphasizes: Strategy to study/ Prepare for the ABIM Board Exams: All physicians, Residents, Fellows and Medical students are either working or going to college. But in the medical profession or even as a student it is imperative to read every day to keep abreast with the knowledge. Munavvar Izhar emphasizes that has to take out time every day even if it is 15 minutes or a half an hour to review or study. If one is taking Board exams a greater amount of time is needed per day. Studies and observations suggest an average study time of 300-500 hours to pass a board exam. Obviously, this may change based on the baseline knowledge, memory etc.. of the individual.


  1. Munavvar Izhar says that there are other factors in preparation too: Form a Study Group. If you cannot, even a single companion to discuss with helps. When studying, maintain a notebook and note down the important points that you can review in a short time just before the exams. Maintaining flashcards helps some people. Munavvar Izhar recommends physicians to do as many practice questions as you can. If you don’t understand something or a topic make sure to get your doubts clarified and to understand that well because more often than not you will get a question on that in the boards!


Dr. Munavvar Izhar also says to take a look at where you struggled the most during your practice tests in question banks. Most of the question banks like ours (Https:// give feedback on the weak areas. Don’t cram, but use repetition and practical skills to enhance your knowledge. 


According to Munavvar Izhar – Spending small and regular hours over a long period of time is better than short bursts of longer hours when preparing for the Board Exams.


Good Luck with preparations for the Boards. Contact us at [email protected] with any queries or questions.


Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses Preparing and Succeeding in American Board of Internal Medicine Board Certification Exams and Medical Licensing Exams:

Munavvar Izhar MD understands that passing medical board exams is a challenge for just about anybody, including Interns, Residents, Fellows, and Physician Practitioners for both certification and recertification purposes. Recently MOC exams have also been introduced by ABIM. So basically every 2-5 years you are preparing, studying and taking the exams!! It becomes frustrating and unnerving for physicians and trainees to keep doing this on an ongoing basis as it requires time away from family and work to study. Though these exams are frustrating, the knowledge that they test is particularly specific and in-depth. Thankfully, Munavvar Izhar believes that just about anybody can pass these exams if they are willing to employ some common sense strategies and follow his advice.

The Credentials of Munavvar Izhar MD

Munavvar Izhar completed his residency in Internal Medicine and Fellowship in Nephrology from the University of Mumbai and is board certified in both. He was a Lecturer and Tutor in Mumbai teaching residents, fellows and was also a board examiner with the university. After training in the USA in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, he attained Board Certifications here too and was in clinical practice and teaching for about 20 years. Now he does not practice clinical medicine and instead has focused his experience and strengths in teaching and testing by creating an online platform ( and products to help physicians pass their ABIM Board Certification exams within the USA and abroad. Thousands of physicians subscribe to his question banks to pass their board exams. His company’s board review products make it easier to study for these exams and stay credentialed. As a result, Munavvar Izhar MD has an opinion that is more than worth understanding.

Munavvar Izhar MD

How Dr. Munavvar Izhar, M.D  Suggests You Handle Your Board Preparations:-

Munavvar Izhar MD suggests a three-stage process of studying that will help make your board review much more comfortable. Start by first: 

  1. Determining the Guidelines/Scope of your study/exams: There is a Syllabus or ABIM Exam Blueprint based on which the board exams are drafted. Dr. Munavvar Izhar emphasizes to study and understand that. List out the topics and the weightage they get on the Board Exams. This way one is better prepared for topics that are more frequently asked in board exams. It will not only better prepare you but also more comprehensively prepare you for your board exams.
  2. Choosing Sources/Study Material: A very good and authentic source of medical knowledge these days is UpTodate ( The topics from the ABIM Exam Blueprint that are commonly asked should be reviewed from uptodate. Count the number of topics and if you take 2 days to cover one topic one knows the time required to prepare! The second important thing to do is to practice as many board type questions as you can. Reading the explanations in those answers will help you. Doing many questions will give you practice and practice makes a man perfect.
  3. Strategy to study/Prepare for the Board Exams: All physicians, Residents, Fellows, and Medical students are either working or going to college. But in the medical profession or even as a student it is imperative to read every day to keep abreast with the knowledge. One has to take out time every day even if it is 15 minutes or half an hour to review or study. If one is taking Board exams a greater amount of time is needed per day. Studies and observations suggest an average study time of 250-350 hours to pass a board exam. Obviously, this may change based on the baseline knowledge, memory, etc.. of the individual.
  4. Other factors helping in preparation: Form a study group. If you can not, even a single companion to discuss with helps. When studying, maintain a notebook and note down the important points that you can review in a short time just before the exams. Maintaining flashcards helps some people. Try to do as many practice questions as you can.

Next, Munavvar Izhar also suggests taking a look at where you struggled the most during your practice tests. Don’t cram, Munavvar Izhar says, but use repetition and practical skills to enhance your knowledge. Spending small and regular hours over a long period is better than short bursts of longer hours when preparing for the Board Exams emphasizes Dr. Munavvar Izhar MD.

Practical application of your skill helps to highlight them and make them easier to understand. For example, study textbook concepts more so the ones that you are struggling to retain. If possible, try to apply that learning as a physician in your practice managing patients and see how that concept sticks with you! Munavvar Izhar MD states.

Munavvar Izhar MD says that the above steps should make studying for your ABIM Board Exams pleasurable, easy and more comfortable to pass, as long as you do the hard and regular work of studying.

Munavvar Izhar MD Examines Why Holistic Health and Mindful Living Are Critical During Covid Times

Dr. Munavvar Izhar MD explains why holistic health and mindful living are so important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintaining health and wellness have been difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gyms, yoga studios, and other exercise outlets have been shut down, and our favorite healthy restaurants have been closed or with reduced services for months. Anxieties and fears surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have led to serious amounts of stress, which can cause mental and physical harm. Munavvar Izhar said, “The stresses this year have been overwhelming. People are wondering what is going to happen to their jobs, how they’re going to continue homeschooling their children, and when they’re going to be able to enjoy time with friends and family again.”

However, Dr. Munavvar Izhar recently explained that mindful living and holistic health are more important now than ever.

“Mindfulness is critical to staying mentally sharp and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic,” 

Munavvar Izhar explained that practicing mindfulness is a proven effective approach to relieving stress. Mindfulness can be achieved through meditation, but it can also be achieved through a number of activities or actions that simply encourage you to slow down. Munavvar Izhar explained that mindfulness is more about taking time to observe what’s happening internally and externally in your life at any given moment. The goal is to simply observe, analyze and avoid a reaction. Eventually, you’ll be able to let go of those stressors and enjoy a more mindful daily life. Munavvar Izhar said. “A holistic lifestyle is geared towards developing a superior overall well-being.”

“Daily exercise, a balanced, unprocessed/ unrefined diet, and a few additional actions can really transform the way a person experiences this pandemic,” Dr. Munavvar Izhar said. “Specific practices, like yoga, meditation and harnessing the positive mind energy can better the experience even more.” 

Developing Passions and Pursuing Interests during this time where in avoiding crowds and social distancing are a norm, is of paramount importance. Any activity for which one has an aptitude or interest should be pursued and enjoyed. Munavvar Izhar says it is the “me time” which is very important for self recognition and enhancement of self in a positive way. 

Munavvar Izhar also suggests other holistic healing options, like using aromatherapy to reduce stress and calm the mind. Natural floral scents have been proven to promote relaxation and improve mood. For instance, lavender is known to induce relaxation, while rose is calming, and jasmine elevates mood while heightening senses. 

Munavvar Izhar says that Focused, rhythmic breathing and timed muscular and sphincter contraction and relaxation are established, stress killers! Which are very easy to practice. Developing positive attitudes, practicing forgiveness and Gratitude develops an aura of clean and positive mind energy which according to scientific studies has proven to offer calm living and longer life!!.  Munavvar Izhar quotes beautifully:

We don’t live in bungalows, duplexes or flats. We live in our minds. 

Yes, that’s our permanent residence. And there are no constraints of square-feet there. It’s a vast space with unlimited area. And you know what! No matter how well-organized your rooms, balconies, garages, and verandas are, life is good only when things are sorted there – in your mind.

And that’s where we keep things messy – regrets piling up in one corner, expectations stuffed in a closet, secrets under the carpet, worries littered everywhere, comparisons spilt on the table, complexes leaking from an old bottle, and grudges stinking in a box.

Be aware. For this ‘real home’ of yours, you can’t outsource housekeeping. You gotta do it yourself!  ONCE THE MIND IS IN ORDER, HALF THE BATTLE IS WON!!            

“If you’ve been working toward a more holistic lifestyle, now is the time to put what you’ve learned into action,” Munavvar Izhar said. “Stay in touch with the present moment, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and take moments to pause or enjoy your favorite hobbies throughout the day. These tools can be extremely helpful in keeping you mentally and physically healthy during these overwhelming COVID times.” 

To communicate with the author, post blog @ 

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses Novel In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Techniques & AMINDO BIOLOGICS Ltd.

With Novel In Vitro Testing Options Being Developed, Munavvar Izhar MD Believes This Could Change How Testing Is Performed in the Medical Field.

Munavvar Izhar MDDr. Munavvar Izhar is a consultant with AMINDO BIOLOGICS Pvt. Ltd. a company with headquarters in New Delhi and with market supply all over India, neighboring Asian countries, and expanding internationally. When it comes to the field of medicine, this is a field that is based entirely on clinical acumen, information, and technology. If doctors do not have the information they need to make decisions, then they are not going to be able to make decisions that are in the best interests of their patients. Munavvar Izhar MD has been working hard to strategize new in vitro testing technique availability to patients, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers both in rural and urban areas. This will make it easier for doctors to make decisions on behalf of their patients. When it comes to new testing techniques, Munavvar Izhar is amalgamating and assimilating novel PCR and m-RNA messenger testing techniques. Most of these tests and panels are available for distribution through AMINDO BIOLOGICS Pvt. Ltd.(

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses the Current Laboratory Testing Techniques

When it comes to running lab tests right now, the most popular tests are largely the same as they were in the 1970 and 80s. Dr. Munavvar Izhar knows that when he was going through training, many of those tests are still run today. Patients have their blood drawn. They have their urine tested. They even have their spinal fluid tested via a lumbar puncture. The samples are sent to the labs, run on analyzers and the results are usually available next day or sometimes even after 2-3 days.

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses the Growing Role of In Vitro Testing in the Medical Field

The field of medical diagnosis has rapidly transformed over the last 5-10 years from manual estimations and time consuming tests to quick results that are available right away or within 2-3 hours making patient care of the highest standard. This improves the standard of healthcare, especially in the developing world. This is due to the rapid advances happening in the In Vitro Diagnostic testing involving techniques like ELISA, IFA, IHC, FLOW CYTOMETRY and PCR which have revolutionized the world of diagnostic testing.

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses the Future of the Medical Field and Novel Testing Capabilities 

AMINDO BIOLOGICS intends to bring the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Dr. Munavvar Izhar, M.D. is focused on bringing innovative diagnostic solutions to customers globally. This helps physicians and patients alike to make informed and timely decisions. 

AMINDO BIOLOGICS under the guidance of Dr. M. Izhar is committed to providing the best quality products and services to the customers. AMINDO BIOLOGICS offers top-quality assays and panels to enable physicians to accurately analyze and diagnose the diseases. Our aim is to offer the most reliable and innovative technologies and solutions.

Munavvar Izhar MD Gives Guidelines for Managing Hypertension & Diabetes in Order to Prevent Kidney Disease Leading to Dialysis, Transplantation, and Poor Quality of Life

Munavvar Izhar Has Dedicated His Life To Helping Those With Hypertension In So Many Ways

According to the National Heart, Lungs, and Blood Institute, high blood pressure or hypertension is a disease that develops from blood flowing through the arteries at a pressure that is higher than normal. Munavvar Izhar MD has worked tirelessly to help those who suffer from hypertension. Unchecked hypertension can cause heart disease, kidney problems, stroke, and death. It is known as the silent killer because symptoms don’t exist generally until the disease has reached dangerous proportions. Munavvar Izhar MD is a nephrologist who works on health diseases of the kidneys primarily. In addition, Munavvar Izhar MD has numerous published articles in medical scientific journals on treating hypertension and other diseases. He also heads a company called Medical Education LLC. This company offers online board review products for practicing nephrologists and internists. They seek Medical Education LLC when they wish to certify and recertify their status with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

The Scientific community and Societies recommend several ways to manage hypertension, health, and wellbeing. These lifestyle changes are employed in addition to taking prescribed medications. Of course, you would work with your medical doctor to achieve regular blood pressure. These guidelines are the most important cornerstone in treatment. The Mayo Clinic suggests that you exercise regularly, lose weight, eat less sodium, eat a healthy diet, limit the amount of alcohol that you ingest, stop smoking, cut back on caffeine, reduce your stress, monitor your blood pressure at home, and lastly- get support and Rx to help manage your hypertension. The Mayo/Harvard Clinics are an esteemed reference for medical information. Dr. Munavvar Izhar offers easy application of that information in patient’s daily lives knowing fully well what works and what does not and how it can be successfully implemented even in people who have a hard time getting the results that they so desire! 

Munavvar Izhar MD

Published Works | Munavvar Izhar MD 

Munavvar Izhar MD has used his expertise to help guide others. Munavvar Izhar has published several works to help people understand hypertension and its effects. These published works are mainly for the medical community with the resulting effect of helping patients everywhere. Munavvar Izhar has published “Resistant Hypertension Revisited: A Comparison Of Two University-based Cohorts”. He has also published “Effects of COX inhibition on blood pressure and kidney function in ACE-inhibitor treated Blacks and Hispanics. Munavvar Izhar has also published, “Guidelines For Hypertension: Are Quality-Assurance Measures On Target?” He has written articles in scientific medical journals with 23 research works and almost 500 citations worldwide. 

Living a Mindful, Conscious life full of Awareness is very important for health now more than ever. This requires an intersection of Mindfulness, Nutrition, Dietary advice, Physical activity and fitness along with an inner awakening called Mindful Spirituality. Learn easy tips and advice from Dr. Munavvar Izhar through his Blog.

Munavvar Izhar MD Gives Back To The Community 

Munavvar Izhar MD is one of the founding members of CMMA or the Chicago Medical Alliance which is a consortium of almost 1000 practicing physicians and subspecialists in Chicago and suburbs. He has started and aligned himself with this organization that promotes medical education as well as networking and philanthropic community outreach. This forum of physicians network identifies and tackles issues of the healthcare industry that affect common people not only in the United States but worldwide. It also gives back to the community by refining healthcare services and resources along with mentoring aspiring students and physicians. Not only is Munavvar Izhar MD a founding member, but he is also on the Board of Directors at CMMA and heads the Medical Education and Strategic Planning committees for the organization.

Munavvar Izhar MD: Promotes Access to Health Care Worldwide 

Munavvar Izhar, M.D. has started a company AMINDO BIOLOGICS headquartered in Delhi, India 5 years ago with the idea of providing easy access to diagnostics in Healthcare all over the world. Amindo Biologics is a next-generation healthcare company that has been launched with the aim of providing state-of-the-art in-vitro diagnostic techniques to the healthcare and allied communities.

Amindo Biologics helps healthcare professionals, academicians, and scientists to obtain helpful information from biological samples. They are committed to providing accurate, reliable, rapid, and affordable products that allow clients worldwide to access the latest cutting-edge technologies available worldwide.

Dr. Munavvar Izhar is a founding member and consultant for AMINDO BIOLOGICS. He brought the latest state of art technologies and innovative diagnostic solutions and strategies to the company. He has made a mission statement of the company to offer the most reliable healthcare technology and solutions to enable the Patients, Physicians, Scientists, and Customers Worldwide to accurately analyze and diagnose diseases. Under his guidance and leadership, the company has grown in size and has experienced a growth explosion of 2000%.