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Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses Novel In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Techniques & AMINDO BIOLOGICS Ltd.

With Novel In Vitro Testing Options Being Developed, Munavvar Izhar MD Believes This Could Change How Testing Is Performed in the Medical Field.

Munavvar Izhar MDDr. Munavvar Izhar is a consultant with AMINDO BIOLOGICS Pvt. Ltd. a company with headquarters in New Delhi and with market supply all over India, neighboring Asian countries, and expanding internationally. When it comes to the field of medicine, this is a field that is based entirely on clinical acumen, information, and technology. If doctors do not have the information they need to make decisions, then they are not going to be able to make decisions that are in the best interests of their patients. Munavvar Izhar MD has been working hard to strategize new in vitro testing technique availability to patients, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers both in rural and urban areas. This will make it easier for doctors to make decisions on behalf of their patients. When it comes to new testing techniques, Munavvar Izhar is amalgamating and assimilating novel PCR and m-RNA messenger testing techniques. Most of these tests and panels are available for distribution through AMINDO BIOLOGICS Pvt. Ltd.(

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses the Current Laboratory Testing Techniques

When it comes to running lab tests right now, the most popular tests are largely the same as they were in the 1970 and 80s. Dr. Munavvar Izhar knows that when he was going through training, many of those tests are still run today. Patients have their blood drawn. They have their urine tested. They even have their spinal fluid tested via a lumbar puncture. The samples are sent to the labs, run on analyzers and the results are usually available next day or sometimes even after 2-3 days.

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses the Growing Role of In Vitro Testing in the Medical Field

The field of medical diagnosis has rapidly transformed over the last 5-10 years from manual estimations and time consuming tests to quick results that are available right away or within 2-3 hours making patient care of the highest standard. This improves the standard of healthcare, especially in the developing world. This is due to the rapid advances happening in the In Vitro Diagnostic testing involving techniques like ELISA, IFA, IHC, FLOW CYTOMETRY and PCR which have revolutionized the world of diagnostic testing.

Munavvar Izhar MD Discusses the Future of the Medical Field and Novel Testing Capabilities 

AMINDO BIOLOGICS intends to bring the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Dr. Munavvar Izhar, M.D. is focused on bringing innovative diagnostic solutions to customers globally. This helps physicians and patients alike to make informed and timely decisions. 

AMINDO BIOLOGICS under the guidance of Dr. M. Izhar is committed to providing the best quality products and services to the customers. AMINDO BIOLOGICS offers top-quality assays and panels to enable physicians to accurately analyze and diagnose the diseases. Our aim is to offer the most reliable and innovative technologies and solutions.

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